In the communities we serve, we will be the restaurant of choice for delighting our guests.

Local is best. And for us, local starts with you and me: neighborhoods and communities where we live, work, and play. Since 1997, Mike Cunningham, owner of Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG), has created an array of unforgettable dining experiences for guests. From its humble

Our vision is reflected in thirty-one restaurants…fourteen concepts…an event center, a grow facility, and sustainable, consistent growth.

From BRU Burger Bar, a gourmet burger and craft beer hangout, to Vida, a fine dining venue with sommeliers in-house, CRG invites guests to engage in restaurant dining like never before.

CRG restaurants are part of the fabric of communities. Because of this involvement, we also feel passionate about giving back those communities in which we serve. We do this through donations on a corporate level, local restaurant level, and through our community pantry. Visit to see all of our locations, make reservations, or to explore private dining opportunities.

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